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Facelift New York/ Facial surgery  in ManhattanThe Facelift is a surgical procedure used to smooth the loose skin on your face and neck, and to reduce the most apparent signs of aging in the facial area, giving you a more youthful appearance. The procedure involves reducing the creases from the nose and mouth, the slacking jaw line and sagging jowls and fat deposits around the neck by removing excess fat and tightening underlying muscles, and redraping the skin on the face and neck. Though the procedure cannot give you a completely new look it can give you a younger, fresher look, and can also have a positive effect on your self-confidence.

The Best Candidates for a Facelift are Those Whose:

Face and neck skin which has begun to sag, but whose skin has elasticity and whose bone structure is strong and well defined.
Loss of a well-defined jaw line
Deep wrinkles in the cheeks
Loose skin, wrinkles or excess fatty tissue in the neck

How Is It Performed?

During a face-lift, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Each individual will vary greatly in his or her anatomy, physical reactions and healing abilities, and thus outcomes are never 100% predictable. Some complications that may arise include hematoma (blood under the skin that must be removed by Your doctor), injury to the nerves that control facial muscles (usually temporary) infection, and reactions to the anesthesia. Smokers are more likely to experience poor healing of the skin.


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