Tummy tuck - abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck, abdominoplasty procedure offers a more youthful, athletic abdomen. A vertically oriented navel is youthful. A horizontal navel, frequently seen after pregnancy is not youthful. The mini tummy tuck with umbilical "float" will produce a vertically oriented navel. Also, an athletic and youthful abdomen will often times have a vertical groove extending upward from the navel. Utilizing liposuction, a technique entitled Abdominal Etching, can create this groove. Finally, the mons pubis is elevated to a more youthful position. The operation is designed to provide a smooth, flat, graceful, athletic contour to the abdomen. The small additions such as a groove in the upper midline, a vertically oriented navel and an elevated mons pubis all speak of a youthful, taut abdomen.

With the introduction of liposuction techniques as an adjunctive procedure, the mini tummy-tuck has become the procedure of choice for rejuvenation of the abdomen.

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